Domaine de la Tour



In the heart of the Avignon / Arles / Nîmes triangle, bordered by the Rhône canal in Sète, our wine estate extends over 50ha of vines of several grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache, Caladoc, Marselan, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot. We produce two different appellations: Pays d'Oc, IGP and VDP du Gard.

Our estate is a very old stone farmhouse from Beaucaire. We have even found a lease signed in 1204 by Lord Raynoald de Meynes. The buildings are organised around a square courtyard. The estate had two dovecotes and large outbuildings.

The Terroir

Stony alluvium was deposited throughout the Rhône Valley during the Ice Age, which contributed to the formation of the exceptional soil of the region's vineyards. The terroir is composed of Villafranchian gravel (gress) resulting from alternating periods of warming and glaciation in the Quaternary era. These pebbles are often enveloped, to a thickness of 5 to 15 meters, in a sand whose colour varies from light yellow to dark red. We can also find a red clay bed called "gapan" in these soils, sometimes located on the surface, but most often in depth, and a kind of calcareous cement, "taparas", which binds the pebbles together. The composition of the soil allows rainwater to infiltrate the layer of pebbles, to collect in the gullies of impermeable grounds and to form a discontinuous water table.

The Cellar

Our vineyard, currently on 40ha of vines, which was once extended over more than 100ha of vines. Our winery is therefore very large compared to the current surface. Our vats are made of epoxy concrete, in an old stone cellar, which allows the temperatures to be kept constant during winter and summer and therefore ensure optimal conservation for our wines. The vines are harvested at night to allow the freshest possible grapes to enter and thus reduce the shock due to too sudden a cooling of temperatures.

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